Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Progress of Little Progress

Things in April and May were really SLOW moving for us. The money we've freed up from our old car payment (as well as the money we're saving on insurance) was eaten up by little things, like a car repair, visits to the doctor, and the kids needing new clothes.

And while it feels a little depressing to think that we're not paying things off fast enough, it was so nice to have that extra money when we needed it!

During these down times we've been trying to show ourselves what we HAVE accomplished since the beginning of our T.M.M.:

  • We have cut our monthly grocery bill from $500/month to about $275.

  • We almost never make a purchase now without a coupon (grocery, clothing, or eating out)

  • Speaking of eating out, we have cut our "fast food bill" from $200/month to about $60...could we cut more? Probably.

  • We are learning how to do a lot of things on our own (making clothes, building shelving units, shampooing the carpets, rotating the tires, etc.)

  • We've had to use the emergency fund twice, and after both times we immediately paid ourselves back.

  • We have nearly saved up all of the tuition I am going to need to start my Masters Degree this summer semester...we're still trying to figure out where the rest will come from, help the Universe send us good vibes on where to find that cash. :)

Hopefully our next post will have more progress!