Thursday, August 11, 2011


Dave is definitely NOT lying when he says the debt snowball is the hardest part of this process.
Even though it feels like we've made no progress since April we've still managed to pay down another $2784. It's discouraging because there was a lot more money we planned to put down.
HOWEVER, since April we've been able to pay cash for my first semester of Graduate School, a new lap top, another Truck repair, and some more food storage. Good? I guess so.
Why are we disappointed in ourselves? Well, we've also spent the summer buying new plants for the yard, eating our weight in ShaveIce, paying for swimming lessons, buying new clothes, and probably eating out more often than we should.
Lesson learned: Summer is a debt snowball killer...we really watched that snowball melt!
Here's the re-dedication. For the next few months we will be doubling our car payment (so happy to have just ONE now!) with the expectation that we'll have it payed off before the beginning of next summer...minimum. All extra money will be headed that way too.
Here we go (again).