Sunday, February 26, 2012

Tax Refund

We've always been pretty good at filing our taxes before April...although, I will admit that the process is always a terrifying one. We've had years when we've owed the state, years when we've owed the feds, years when we've owed both, and years of refunds.

This year...REFUND! Whoot, whoot.

Now this is where we usually run into problems.

In years past we usually decide to put the majority of our refund towards a bill. However, we've forever fallen into the "why-don't-we-just-take-a-couple-hundred-dollars-for-ourselves" pit. We've always justified it by convincing ourselves that we work hard and "deserve" a little fun.

This year though, I think we've finally become sick and tired enough to just throw the whole lot into the debt snowball.

So, all $2877 went toward paying off our car. Truth be told, we added our own $23 to that total to make the payment an even $2900.

Now we owe just a little under $1900 on our little car. If we make only the minimum payments we'll have it out of the way in just 6 months. But we're going to try to do it in just 3! I can't wait until I can say that I own that little fella and all the stickers that are stuck to the kids' windows!

From there on out, things should really start moving! (At least, we hope so.)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February Goals

January Goal Results:
  • Spend no more than $40/week on groceries.
FAIL. I cannot lie. It was the Valentine's Day candy that got us here.
  • Double the car payment.
SUCCESS. And it felt so good!

February Goals:
  • Take a list to the grocery store each and every time we go
  • Double the car payment

And coming up this weekend...freezer meals!