Sunday, October 2, 2011

Coats for Coates

Now that I've been couponing for nearly a year, I've learned a few really great tricks. The key to all of them is patience though.

For example, 2-3 times a year sales and coupons can be combined so you can get a HUGE deal by shopping for clothes at Kohl's. And that's just what we did yesterday afternoon! Now that winter is on its way, we figured that new winter coats would be a pretty big priority. So we took advantage of this:
  • Children's Coats--30%
  • Extra 15% coupon from the mail
  • $10 off purchase of $30+ coupon in the newspaper
So for our little guy we found a coat and snow pants set, normally priced $115.
The 30% off sale price made the coat set $80.50
The extra 15% brought the price down to $68.43
And the $10 off coupon left us at $58.43!

And for our baby girl we found a coat that was normally $40.
The 30% off sale price made the coat $28
The extra 15% off brought the price down to $23.80
(We purchased some new underwear for the boy here to bring the total up to $30)
And the $10 off coupon  left the final price of the coat $13.80!

So both kids now have warm winter outwear that would have normally cost $155, but we paid less than half that!